Hungarian Wine Tasting at Last Try Wines

Last Thursday evening Last Try Wines had the rare pleasure to have a Hungarian wine tasting in shop hosted by a new supplier of ours Tokaj Merchants who are specialist wine firm in wines from Hungary. Hosting the tasting and representing the supplier was the director, Csaba who did a great job in introducing the five new wines to the very small group of customers who attended that evening. His first-hand knowledge was invaluable.
What was special about this tasting apart from featuring rare Hungarian wines was that this was one of the few tastings that was absolutely free, for the few customers who had the privilege in attending it. It was more of an intimate success with the people who tried the wines and we as a team were able to try each of the five wines in turn properly for ourselves with Csaba guiding us through each wine.
The wines on tasting that evening were:
Lenkey  Tiz Hordo 09
This is a dry style of white wine made in the same region and from one of the same main grape varieties that make the classic dessert wine, the Furmint variety. The wine has a pale yellow gold colour and has appealing ripe aromas of pears and peaches and some floral notes also. It has good mineral character and body from soil and the high acidity and alcohol balance each other out. A good medium-bodied dry white wine showing that the Tokaji region can make good dry wines also. 13%.
Lenkey  Vilmány 07

This white wine is made in a different region to the first white and the two varietals used to make Tokaji sweet dessert wine a blend of the Furmint and Hárslevel?. The wine has a bright yellow colour and on the nose there are ripe fresh fruit aromas of orange and apricot aromas which follows on to a palate that has persistent fresh citrus and stone fruit characteristics. Well-integrated use of oak adding a bit more body to wine and is medium-dry on palate. It has good balance between sweetness and acidity. 13.5%.
GB Cabernet Sauvignon 08
This red wine was the only one on tasting that uses an international varietal and is made in a ‘modern’ Hungarian style for the current market. This Cabernet Sauvignon from Hungary shows very nice red and black fruit aromas on the nose which leads to a palate that has rich fruits and some spice and good use of oak, and due to the gentle tannins this medium-full bodied wine is easy –drinking at 13.5%!
Gróf Buttler Kékfrankos 2011
This other red wine is made from the indigenous Hungarian variety Kékfrankos and was the more interesting wine. This deep crimson red wine is made in the Eger region of the country which is mostly red varietals. This wine is the more full-bodied of the two and has an appealing nose of ripe cherry fruits, some pepper and sweet spice which follows on to a mature palate of accessible ‘sweet’ ripe red fruits and the same peppery and a spicy ‘kick’ also. A nicely balanced wine elegant wine that I thought is akin to a good Côtes-du-Rhône. The smooth tannins make it a surprisingly palatable wine at 14.0% though best with food.
The last of the wines was one of the grades of Tokaji sweet dessert wine which if you’ve never tried this famous dessert wine before is quite unique in flavour. It is quite ‘honeyed’ and ripe peachy fruit to it. It also has a distinctly ‘pinkish’ hue to the colour.
Last Weekend’s Rugby Match

Last weekend’s Saturday rugby match saw the last in the series of the big November rugby matches at Twickenham stadium, which was a semi-international with the Barbarians playing the Fijian national team and beating them by quite a margin!
For us at Last Try Wines it was another welcome busy day that helped give a boost to our business after a ‘stop gap’ week from the rugby matches the previous one. As ever it saw large quantities of canned and bottled lager and beers plus ciders as well flowing out of the fridges in equal quantities.
We probably saw more of the Barbarian rugby supporters in our shop before and after the game than the visiting nation’s supporters and they were in great drinking spirits both times which I suppose they knew their Ba-Ba’s side was going to win anyway! We also saw some of the regular large rugby match attendees in our shop also to keep us entertained!

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