Anchor Steam Porter Case

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  • Country: United States of America
  • Quantity: 24
  • Size: 355ml
  • Alcohol Content: 5% to 5.9%

24x355ml 5.6% abv
• History – Anchor Brewing has played a significant role in San
Francisco's rich history. Anchor's eight unique beers—including
Anchor Steam—are all produced in one of the most traditional and
handsome breweries in the world. Each brew is virtually handmade
from an all-malt mash in our handcrafted copper brew house, a
veritable museum of the simple, traditional breweries of old.
• Product notes – Introduced in the early 1970’s this dark brew using
only natural ingredients including roasted dark malts and a top
fermenting process create an intensely flavoured Porter.
• Tasting Profile –Using specially roasted malts, a top-fermenting
yeast, and only fresh whole hops, which are added liberally. All this
combines to produce a rich and intense flavour with subtle notes of
chocolate, toffee, and coffee.
• Notes of interest – By 1896, the year Ernst Baruth and Otto
Schinkel, Jr. named their brewery Anchor, there were more than two
dozen breweries in San Francisco! Amazingly, Anchor—and only
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